What’s Included?

Our Digital Treasure Hunts are packed with innovative and fun challenges and features to keep your mind working, as well as your legs! But don’t worry if you get a bit stuck – many of our challenges have hints available to you. It’s just that they will cost you some of your points!

A date on a statue, a name on a door. The answer will always be right under your nose. The question is – are you able to find it?

The photos you are asked to take may not be “Insta” quality – but they will certainly bring out your creative side for sure.

Successfully completing the challenges scores you points. Use the leaderboard to see how your progress compares to other teams.


We know we build great digital experiences – but we would think that wouldn’t we?!
What makes us smile is when our amazing customers tell us how much they love the hunts that we create for them.

The perfect way to spend a few hours at the weekend with the kids. We walked around Liverpool and learnt so much about it. I’m a local and thought I knew the city – I was wrong! Great value for money and a fun thing to do.

Mike / Liverpool

I really enjoyed exploring the city and the chance to compete against other teams in real time was so much fun! It was great that the app was so interactive, and I liked uploading photos as we took part.

Rebekah / Chester

I had a brilliant time. It was a fun and unique experience that allowed me to get to know my team members in a light-hearted, low-pressure environment! Really looking forward to the next one!

Phil / Harrogate

The hunts are such a great way to break the ice when meeting new people, and they provide great opportunities for team building within a business. On top of that, they are so much fun as you are spending time out exploring your local area and learning interesting facts about the history of where you are.

Rose / Liverpool

When we had finished the hunt, the highlight was looking at the pictures all the teams took and seeing how everyone had attempted these challenges. Seeing my boss posing with 3 strangers in height order really made my day and his! I’ll be doing a hunt with my family for sure.

Jordan / Manchester

I never thought I would enjoy running around the streets of Liverpool getting questions right (and wrong), taking photos, being mistaken for tourists, discovering new facts and spaces and getting to know my team-mates (all interspersed with a few laughs and bit of healthy competition) as much as I did!

Emma / Liverpool

Photo Challenges

They are weird, crazy, unique and the feature that our customers just love. Whatever the app tells you to do – strike a pose, smile and get snapping!